Jay-Z Is OFFICALLY A Licensed NBA & MLB Agent


Rapper and media mogul Jay-Z is now a licensed NBA & MLB agent. 


Months after announcing the creation of Roc Nation Sports, rapper Jay-Z is now an officially licensed NBA & MLB agent. It was his first hurdle to entering sports agency space. But there’s one hitch. Before the rapper can officially represent new clients, he’ll have to sell off his 1% stake in the Brooklyn Nets! And folks like ESPN aren’t too sure he’s done that just yet.




On the NFL side of things, ESPN also reports that officials are still determining if Jay violated the industry’s “runner rule” when Roc Nation signee Geno Smith tweeted a pic of himself hanging with the mogul. As of now, Jay is not certified with the NFL and should not be making contacts with the athletes.



We sure hope Jay’s legal team sorts out the NFL deal pretty soon.



Hmm….maybe Jay-Z’s team needs to run “interference” and keep him away from potential clients.

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