HOLLYWOOD: Pooch Hall in an interview talks about fatherhood and career

In an exclusive interview with YBF Ray Donovan opens up about his career and fatherhood. See excerpts below:

On becoming a father:

I became a daddy to my younger brother – first. When my parents were divorced, we lived with my dad. And as an older brother, I had to help around the house. I sorta assume the role while my dad was at work. I had to hold it down. To be honest, that was probably like my first taste of fatherhood.

On a father’s role in the family:

I think a father is very imortant in the sense that he offers a male perspective and a male structure to the family household. I think it’s important for a man to be in a child’s life because he can touch on some things that moms may not be familiar. That’s why you have a mom and a dad. I wish it was like that for a lot of familes. Shout out to single moms.

On leaving “The Game” due to BET allegedly having an issue with his new show:

My contract had ended and BET said, ‘We’re gonna get you on for season 6.’ I literally booked “Ray Donovan” a week out. And when we were making my deal with Showtime, they knew how strong my fan based was so…..Showtime said you still can work over at “The Game.” And when I went back to BET with news and was like let’s make this work, they didn’t return my phone calls or emails. Everyone was like why’d you’d leave “The Game” and I was like “I didn’t leave.” It was hurtful. I felt that we all made “The Game” what is it today.”

Since departing “The Game”, Pooch said he watched the first few episodes of the show (he was on the first few and he’s still friendly with his former castmates) but is focusing his energy on “Ray Donovan”.


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