Elikem And Fatima In A Bubble Bath Blabber


What a cosy friendship Elikem and Fatima share.


Not only do these two share a bed, cut each other’s hair and brush their teeth together but now they also bath together.



Tonight while the other Rubies decided to hop in the Jacuzzi the former Diamonds headed into the bathroom to share a steamy bath together. They lay in the tub with their legs entangled around each other and shared their thoughts and opinions about their fellow Housemates.



Elikem talked to Fatima about things between him and Pokello. “When she acts out like she has been acting out today, I just give her space”, the Ghana man said. “I don’t wanna get caught up in your drama,” Fatima insisted. Elikem assured her that there was no drama to be sucked into. The Malawian also kept repeating, “You’re full of shit,” but she would not clarify why she was saying this. Feza then walked into the bathroom and the three of them starting gossiping about Bolt and Betty’s relationship. Well, it looks like Pokello may have been telling the truth when she claimed that Elikem gossips in his home language about the other Housemates.W

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