Hope is here for the common man, my people hope is here


The hope of a life without struggle,


Of a future bright and clear,


Of thriving businesses and living without fear,


Of good electricity and beautiful mortgage schemes,


Of potable water in our homes so we’d no longer go to the streams


Hope is here for the common man


Everybody hope is here


Young though we were our excitement was great nonetheless


We chanted the songs till the words played themselves heads


That we wouldn’t be a part of the process we cared less


Our fathers and mothers were going to bring the hope for us


So let us sing on in joy of the hope of a better future


“On the march again, on the march again,


Looking for Mr President, On the march again…”


Hope is here, my people, hope is here


The votes have been cast and counted,


So much excitement devoid of anxiety and fear,


I saw smiles on the face of adults as they got home


Happy that they have secured hope for children’s future


“Abiola go win Tofa” I heard many of them say


Their excitement was mine, their votes were my hope


Alas, the gap-toothed schemer had other plans


To dampen our hopes and bring gloom on our lands


Hope is dashed my people, hope is dashed


They said the election was free and non-violent


But the results has been cancelled


I do not understand the ways of these adults


The thoughts on many minds so young


Keeping such high hopes of a brighter future


Oblivious of the dark and gloomy days ahead


Days of pain and dread of the dark goggled one


Cooking with stoves fuelled with wood shavings


Days when the hope of bright future dims before our eyes


Our hopes have been dashed people, da-sh-ed


It has been two decades from then and the problems are still there


Stable power is still a dream, maybe even a mirage


Insecurity mounts daily, tribal settlements increasing


Youths groan under the weight of unemployment,


Let’s not talk about those lost to road accidents


I remember the songs of hope from 2 decades ago


And my heart aches for pain


Because that hope was dashed


Tis Hope unfulfilled, people


20 years after, it’s still hope unfulfilled


(In memory of Hope ’93, MKO Abiola’s June 12 1993 Mandate)

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