What Artistes & Some Record Labels Need To Know About Internet Radio and Its Advantages


My name is Oluwafemi Lawal aka Femi.Megapoints. I’m a music business consultant and double as director of A&R for 2Digits Record,Nigeria’s 1st independent digital record label as well as being a publicist.


Well, it’s no secret that the music business has totally changed in the last few years, since most business around the world today has started operating from the internet.


By God grace i am a co-founder of Mega Points International(Africa’s Independent A&R/Promotion Company),MD Music2Deal Nigeria(www.music2deal.com) and i so much believe in the power of the internet. My publication “The Music Industry Newsletter”, a free 100,000 copies publication focusing on the business side of music also preaches a lots on different advantages the internet has to offer.


I remember years back, artistes don’t really believe in online promotion, when i tell artistes or labels about internet promotion they will say ; bros, it can’t work here. Now it’s one of the most powerful means of breaking songs.


The internet has now taken over, yes we are in the digital age and many things are happening and changes are taking place. I applaud this development because it has given birth to many new innovative ideas and technology advancement.


Don’t get left behind because many things is happening. Below is an overview of the whole process about web radio promotion and it opportunities. Take your time to go through this and join the league of those major celebrated artists you’ve always dream to be like or more than.


Stop Paying Much To Get Your Song Play on Radio If Can’t Afford It,Use Digital Music Promotion As A Supportive Option.


Do you know millions listen to Internet radio every second using not only computer audio player, but also on a wide variety of other devices, including iPhones, Blackberrys and Windows smartphones via mobile apps.



Major musicians lead this evolution of Internet promotion and music sales, wise up and join the league now. Have you asked yourself the question, why is my song not as big as these major artistes but i promote on the internet too? Yes you promote on the internet but how are you promoting your song online matters. Its beyond just featuring your song on music blogs or download portals. Many of you artistes ignored the power of internet radio. I have clients in the past that have get played on international radio stations from just getting on web radio and making rotation.


Believe it now, web radio is your gateway to millions of dedicated music fans cross the globe. With over 500 Nigerian owned web radio stations streaming live on the internet across the globe and via mobile apps. Don”t Get Left Behind, it”s a matter of choice.


With 40% of internet radio stations now operating with iPhone,Blackberry and Android phone Apps streaming supported on many other mobile devices you can be sure your song will also get it way into million of music fans mobile phone via internet radio station with mobile apps and streaming supports .


More About Internet Radio :

Internet being reachable to different places in the world, so does Internet radio. It has expanded enormously with an estimated 15,000 stations currently available, including many traditional FM /AM simulcasting their content over the Internet. It is estimated that the number of people listening to Internet radio will grow 200% to 158.5 million by 2014.



A Little Perspective on Internet Radio

Imagine a Internet radio station with an averages 2000 visitors per hour, 24 hours per day, the station will be bringing in almost 1.5 MILLION visitors per month. Now if you figure that the average person listens to the radio for 1.5 hours per day (and that’s regular radio – it”s hard to listen to Internet radio on your morning drive) Can you see the difference between the two.


We can estimate that 32,000 unique visitors frequently on web radio sites every day. If we establish a very conservative listener ratio of 1:3 (meaning the average listener listens for 1.5 hours over 3 days – ie, most don”t listen on the weekends or every single day, some do, some only listen once or twice per week, nobody listens 24 hours per day), that gives you around 96,000 regular listeners per a major internet radio station times the figure with like 2000 major internet radio stations out of the 15,000 internet stations confirmed and currently available, including many traditional FM /AM simulcasting their content over the Internet like Eko fm,Beat fm & other traditional FM stations.

With the current internet radio growth, you really need to understand how much important the internet radio promotion is than just blogs placement couple with how much international major musicians and record labels including some of our major acts like Psquare,Wizkids etc that are making use of the internet to promo their materials, distribute their album and make sales with the help internet radio hype and presence aside blogs and other social media.


Believe it or not, currently across Europe and the US the album sales on the internet is higher than the sales of album on cd offline. Have you ask yourself WHY? The answer is simple the business of music has being revolutionized, the digital age is taken over and only the serious music entrepreneur can compete in this era. Don’t be left out, join the league now.


I will be available to help anyone who need help with getting their materials on web radio. I can refer you to web radio that seeks new songs every day to play. Quick note to DJs, there are many web radio seeking djs to take up mixshow slots on their stations. You can get in touch let me connect you. I am also working out something for every interested djs to join the Hype Blast DJs network mixshows dj lists. We have MusicNestRadio supporting already on this.


To all independent artistes and labels, don’t miss my points. I am not saying promoting on radio is not good. I promote my artistes songs on radio too but my point is web radio helps a lots in getting massive exposure for your songs.


Be a good business man, act like a professional music business entrepreneur. Join the league of the major labels and artistes making music doing music. Some web radio pay royalties for playing your songs on sponsored programs.


I know what it cost to run an offline radio promotion. My advice is if you don’t have much you can use few offline radio stations you can afford based on your promotional budget and support it up with online radios and other online promotional platform.There is no secret about getting famous or breaking record but using the business of music and how to do things right with proper planning.


If you have questions regarding this writeup call 07031611402 or email me via femi.lawal@music2deal.com


Watch out for the next edition of “The Music Industry Newsletter” , follow me on twitter via @saintphemmy, @musicindustryng

Thanks for your time.


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