So We Heard The Real Housewives of Lagos Will Be Starting Soon..


I think this is  a very good idea…

A few days ago, a friend told me that NBCUniversal; a very big American TV content production company, is partnering with a company in Nigeria to produce The Real Housewives Of Lagos, a Nigerian version of the popular Real Housewives TV show format which has over 7 different franchises in the USA and 5 international versions already in place.

 News of the upcoming reality series circulated last week online and on radio and while many persons that I have spoken with are somewhat excited or should I say “curious” about the show, some others have described it to be another Nigerian imitation that would only amount to compiled scenes of shameful and embarrassing moments (harsh!). Personally I think it’s fantastic news.

The show will not be a dull moment cos the show will be  unscripted and it will be REAL entertainment. you can imagine that…

What could be more interesting than watching a group of sexy successful Nigerian women, live their lives as girls, mothers, lovers and professionals?  Hmnn!!!!

Let’s wait and see what happens next…


The only question on my mind right now is who the real housewives will be. I can only imagine. But I have a strong feeling I can guess a few right. 😉

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