Still On Brymo and Chocolate City Issue – Brymo Tweets ‘I Have Left Chocolate City’


Who do we believe,  Chocolate city or Brymo or let’s say the tweets or the press release?



It didn’t sound like a rumor that Brymo left Chocolate  city and later the management released a press statement this morning stating;

We can confirm that Brymo still has a valid contract with Choc City and we are certain our Artiste “Brymo” can confirm the same fact. We urge all reputable media houses to check facts with our establishment prior to releasing “Untrue” stories to the general public that rely on them for valuable Information.


First there were rumours that Brymo had left Chocolate City, then the record label released a statement denying the rumour, and now Brymo has gone on Twitter to set the record straight.


Olawale Ashimi also known as Brymo tweeted and I quote ‘‘ It is true, I have left Chocolate City.


Who do we believe??



In the press release Choc city said “Brymo” can confirm the same fact” he didn’t confirm he is still with them. He said ‘‘ It is true, I have left Chocolate City.


Let’s see how this goes. We will bring more details later.


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