Remember the Roc Nation signing of Geno Smith from a few days ago? 


Though the signing was good news for Roc Nation Sports, it wasn’t such a good look for rapper Jay-Z.   Because The NFL Players Association has a “runner rule” that bars non-agents (e.g. Jay-Z) from helping recruit athletes for agencies, an Instagram pic of Jay-Z and Geno looking like old pals has raised red flags.



According to NFL.com,  Jay-Z is being investigated for violation of the runner rule, and that  isn’t good news for ROC Nation Sports, which has signed Skylar Diggins and Robinson Cano in the past few weeks.



The NFLPA plans to send a letter of inquiry to Kim Miale, Geno’s ROC Nation rep, to find out what “role” Jay-Z’s played during the process.


On a snarky note Geno’s former adviser, John Thornton (whom Geno fired BEFORE he signed to Roc Nation) told CBS,“I was in those meetings, and Jay-Z connected with him on many levels.”


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