Keeping the history and cultural values of the Nigerian people alive, Wildeye Media Koncepts, a creative communication company is launching a first of its kind online cultural art magazine. Asiri.


The word “Asiri” means secret in three languages, Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa.

Asiri is more than an online magazine that exhumes the historical culture, myth, way of life and legend of the Yoruba people and that of the Nigerian people at large. It is a movement set to bring and keep history relevant.

Not limited to one tribe, Asiri also depicts the value and cultural heritage of the other major tribes in Nigeria. Here, we celebrate the legacies of the Ibo s and Hausa s as a whole. Asiri comes in three different forms which are: the Online Magazine, Exhibitions, and Documentary.

And in preaching the gospel of our cultural heritage to the world; the Online Magazine has been translated into different languages viz; French, German and Portuguese.

Asiri will be published on a monthly basis. However, our very first exhibition debuts in July.

Set to re-educate and sharpen the minds of the African youth, Asiri is definitely a brand and more importantly, it’s a way of life.

Feel free to go to the page and download any language of your choice.

Download the Magazine  http://wildeyemk.com/asiri/


For further information, comments and inquiries send mail to Info@wildeyemk.com


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