Have You Heard? Kanye West Accused of Being Gay by Kim Kardashian


Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s worst fears might be coming to light! 


Is her boyfriend Kanye West really holing up in Paris because he’s busy hooking up with a male clothing designer there? Kim is miffed apparently that Kanye is basically banging the help like he’s Britney Spears while she’s busy incubating their first child.




Once again, Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the magazine. Rather than being abandoned by boyfriend, Kanye West, Kim is terrified that her man is gay and of course, humiliated he has has a boyfriend in Paris and jealous of all the time Kanye spends with his boyfriend. Really? Does it get any more ridiculous?


The magazine is claiming, Kim’s Met Gala experience was a “nightmare” and the dress, that happened to be created by Kanye’s alleged boyfriend, Riccardo Tisci, was made to look horrifying on purpose. The fact that Kanye and Riccardo live close to each other in Paris and NY really proves that Kanye is gay, according to the magazine.



What do you think about the ridiculous claims?

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