After graduating  from the University in Nigeria, what comes to any fresh graduate mind  is to prepare for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

As part of requirements for every Nigerian graduate, it is expected that we serve our motherland land for a year. This indeed is a good idea, but in the case where corpers expectations are not meant then it becomes a problem.

I have been pondering on this, why is that corpers in some states are not paid their monthly stipend regularly?

As a fresh graduate i decided to get some facts straight since i will also be a corper soon. Having a chat with some Corper friends in Ibadan, they shared their experiences on how they survive without constant payment of salary by the Government.

Corpers who have been posted to Ibadan have not been paid by TESCOM (Teachers Service Commission) for the past four months due to reasons not known by them.
This is very disappointing as the expectations of these corpers have been degraded to nothing. These are people who strive to serve their mother land out of will but the state government of Ibadan has failed to acknowledge that. This has been an ongoing event fororpers in Ibadan. The question is why is the monthly stipend of corpers being delayed in the state capital (Ibadan).

A lot of Corper friends have complained about this unfair treatment they keep experiencing without the state government paying attention to their complain.

This has come to be of great effect on the performance of corpers allocated to different areas for their primary assignment. Sources confirm that when complaint are made to TESCOM, the only answer gotten is silence. The State government should make considerable efforts to address this concurrent issue and stamp an end to it

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