Business Meets Personal: How To Date Someone You Work With


Once deemed extremely taboo in the workplace, dating between coworkers is no longer swept under the rug as it used to be.


This can be attributed to the fact that many companies have enacted policies to specifically address the proper means of handling such romances, and, if handled in a professional and appropriate manner, these interoffice relationships may not cause friction and lack of productivity amongst coworkers.


Let us not forget, Barack and Michelle met on the job, so it may not be as bad of a look as some may believe it to be.



The most common corporate policy addressing interoffice relationships deals specifically with romances between executives/managers and employees.


Due to possible sexual harassment claims against a company and/or and executive or manager, many company policies require employees and managers to disclose their consensual relationship to Human Resources, and some companies have even gone as far as requiring said employees and supervisors to sign “Love Contracts” waiving liability of sexual harassment of the company. As a Love Contract may be deemed a bit excessive, most human resource departments only take up the task of keeping employees and executives apprised of guidelines of how to deal with interoffice relationships if they become a distraction and hinder the peace and productivity of an office environment.

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