Meet Daniel Martins – The Professional Model



Young, handsome and energetic with a towering height, Daniel Martins is definitely a model of

distinction. The light-skinned hunk from Edo state talks about life as a model and future plans to

conquer the entertainment scene in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Excerpts


1. Give us a little background of yourself. From your full name to family to school and career.

I’m Aigbovbiosa Aisosa Daniel, some close friends and family call me ‘Greatest’ but I’m mostly

known as Daniel Martins in the industry.

I was born into the family of Sir. & Lady D.O. Aigbovbiosa, I’m the last child from a family of four

kids. A graduate of Mass-communication from the University of Benin and I’m a professional


2. Why did you choose to venture into modeling?

Started modeling at age sixteen, though it wasn’t serious. It came rather as a dare by my peers

than a career choice; lucky for me I’ve been using it to my advantage. And it’s now a significant

part of my life.

3. Is there anyone else in your family that’s into modeling like you?

No, I’m the only one, but mind you “the fruit never falls far from its tree” Back in the University

days, my mum was one of the few blacks Miss Oklahoma University where she studied. She still

got that trophy till date on her make-up stand.

4. What do your parents think about you toeing the modeling path?

At first it was a battle, but then my 1st agency fee was twenty one thousand naira and it was

paid by my mum in 2006; I sincerely doubt a Nigerian parent would do that for their last child of


They’ve been able to give their blessings and support since they came to the realization that it’s

a significant part of my life.

5. The modeling business is quite competitive. What distinguishes you from the pack?

LOL! That’s indeed true, I’d basically say I’m a lucky guy because I’ve done jobs I didn’t see

myself doing in six years time within my two years of modeling professionally. So people gag and

say it’s the good looks, others say it’s the charming personality. I’m certain it’s the work of God

that has set me higher than the rest.

6. Are you under any agency or are you freelancing?

Yea, I’m signed onto Beth Model Management Africa

7. What jobs have you done and which has been the most rewarding thus far?

I’ve been in the light of Fashion/ Runway than editorials and commercials. I’ve done few male

pageants during my school days. Was the 1st-Runner up MR. Imo State 2011. I’ve done fashion

shows ranging from Niger- Delta All Stars Fashion, Model of Africa Fashion Exhibition, Arise

Magazine Fashion Week by ThisDay, MTN Fashion week and Music Meets Runway to mention a


Worked with both International and Nigerian designers like Ozwald Boateng, Mai Atafo,

Ohema Ohene, David Bowler, Kimono, Mudi, Yomi casual, Femi Toys to mention a few.

8. Aside modeling what other parts of the entertainment and fashion scene are you planning on

venturing into?


I’ve always wanted to venture into acting and presenting, having to host a talk show and owning

a design label remains a passionate dream for me- actually working towards that light presently.

For such a hunky guy, you must have a girlfriend. What does she feel about your choice of


I’m single, still very much open to dates. LOL!

With such great physical features for a guy, how do you treat your female admirers?

I see myself as just the guy next door; I just do the regular stuffs being a nice guy and

communicate in the coolest ways possible.

As a fast rising model, who are the people you look up to in the industry (male and female)

Hmmm… Got a few but really don’t mention names. Mostly get inspired by Models with great

achievements in Nigeria and internationally. I just say to myself I need to achieve a particular

goal at a certain stage of my life.

Have you ever considered acting?

Yes I have; Got friends who believe I’m good and want me to give it a try with the intention of

showcasing more of my talent.

What’s your take in the whole homosexuality issue in modeling?

I’m only of the opinion that it’s being Stereotypical to attribute Homosexuality to the modeling

industry; it should be addressed in the light and manner of individuality than the usual general


Who is your favourite designer?

Obviously, it’s Mai Atafo. I feel totally inspired when I model his designs, if there’s any designer

I know with the magic to bring out the perfect gentleman in anyone through designer wears it’s

totally Mai Atafo.

Can you give us your statistics, how tall are you?

I’m usually viewed as the 6.3ft model with the right body proportion though my body is subject

to change depending on my job description.

What’s your philosophy about life and what quotes do you live by?

I’m of the belief every individual’s true nature is solely known to them and no one truly knows

anyone a 100%. So I live by the philosophy that says “Our true nature can only be disclosed

when no one is watching”.

What are some of the challenges you face in your chosen career?

Modeling in Nigeria is a lot different from other parts of the world- As a model you can’t pay

your bills solely on modeling jobs no matter how good or glamorous it seems.

The major challenge faced by models in Nigeria is the continuous exploitation through low

monetary value compare to job done and payment expectation. That’s why it’s so common

to see prominent models of good standards trekking on the street like a total commoner with

absolutely nothing to show for jobs done.

How do you unwind when you are not working?

I’m quite a private guy so most times I’m in the comfort of family and friends. I’m always indoors

viewing a movie or gaming than clubbing on Friday nights, but I try to balance my social life

when necessary.



19. Have you ever had any embarrassing moment in your career, probably on the runway or

backstage at an event or photo-shoot?

LOL! I only reveal this in the closure of my thoughts.

20. Where do you see your career and what accomplishments do you foresee yourself having in the

near future.

See myself in a few years as the light version of the well famous Uti Nwachukwu who juggles

successfully acting, modeling and presenting amongst others.


21. Any last words to fans and other young models like yourself trying to get into the industry?

To my fans and young models like me out there, the best gratification is follow your heart and

do what you love doing as long as it’s right and just, you’d definitely achieve success.

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