Is Mr Seed The Next Big Music Superstar?


 n an industry where hundreds of new music is being churned out everyday, it becomes harder to stand out of the crowd.
Through the hustle an bustle and hundreds of new singles, you will surely on occasion have one music artist that stands out. Such is the talent that is known as Mr Seed.
Mr Seed is a talented artist with a versatile style, whose passion for music let him to the studio and in turn led him to creating feel good music. The first thing that hits you when you listen to his music, aside from the melodious grove is that Mr Seed is without a doubt what we call “Raw Talent”
His current single “Troway”  depicts a story of a struggling hustler who has finally found his breakthrough because God has been by his side the entire way. Mr Seed comes on strong with a melodious groove that will have you dancing from start to finish but he did not come alone. Featured on the song is YSG  Rapper, Vector, who comes in hard and murders his verse with witty word play.
In the following weeks, Mr Seed plans to a new song called “In the Club”. One listen to “In the Club” and you will have no choice but to say ” this song is busting my brain” in a wonderful way.  So is Mr Seed the net big superstar. Listen to his music, watch his video an you be the judge.
You can listen to his current single which has been receiving massive airplay across the nation.

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