KAKADU – Nigeria’s First Stage Musical Broadway Show Premieres In May




Theatre in Nigeria continues to evolve and grow. From the genre of the old time greats such as Herbert Ogunde to Theatre at Terra, Freedom Park, and todays multi-media driven theatre. Irrespective of this evolution, theatre remains a most fascinating and interesting means of communication.


In the wake of this rapid evolution comes KAKADU- THE MUSICAL! A musical play set in the post independent era of Lagos. A time of the “twist” in Nigeria. Kakadu was the place to be, the place where it was all happening, you could not come to town and not go  to Kakadu to party. The roll call of the greats who performed there reads like a who’s who in the history of Nigerian music.


Kakadu the musical, set to launch in Lagos at the MUSON Centre in May 2013, is the story of Nigeria and particularly Lagos at a time when young Nigerians lived as one and in search of the “Nigerian dream”. It is a tale of love, passion, friendship and the absence of tribal boundaries that are a bane amongst all today. Kakadu is an unprecedented and unrivalled art form in Nigeria, with dance, drama and live musical performance, it has all and every marking of a successful musical production.


Speaking at the press conference in Lagos, the director of the musical Mr. Chike Kani Omo describes this masterpiece as a theme of identity, which promises to be an experience. He referred to the likely impact on the Nigerian populace saying that it will evoke as well as answer many questions.



Kakadu is another production from the stable of the Playhouse Initiative, a youth development foundation established by Uche Nwokedi and committed to seeking alternative ways to empower, mentor and encourage our youth. In this regard, the cast of Kakadu is young and emerging, but bursting with potential. They are anchored by some of the most highly regarded and seasoned actors in the business such as Nobert Young, evergreen Tina Mba, Haji Bello, with rising talents like Zara Udofia, Damilare Kuku, Patrick Diabuah and Pius Amolo a.k.a Bongolipso


Speaking at the conference, Mr. Young was overwhelmed and described the production as the much needed voice and a must see!


The times of the TWIST are seemingly back and with a TWIST indeed. KAKADU premieres in Lagos in May 2013.



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