TARUWA Sessions with EGO Ogbaro


TARUWA is here again! Every month, but always something different! and this time around, it’s sessions with ‘EGO’.

Ego! Recently released her first solo album aptly titled ‘First Steps’ and will be at Taruwa on Tuesday, April 30, to perform some songs off that album, sign CDs and answer some of your questions on the hot seat!!

Doubt that there’s anyone who doesn’t know her, but just in case…



Ego was born in Benin, Edo State (Nigeria) to an Ibo dad and Yoruba mum. She Started singing at a very tender age, and joined Lagbaja in 1994 as a back-up vocalist and with hits like ‘Konko Below’, ‘Nothing For You’ and ‘Never Far Away’, she became a household name.
Motivated by her love for music and desire to present herself and her music to the world, she proceeded from Lagbaja’s band after twelve years and set up her own band called Indigo.
Ego has received numerous awards and also collaborated and performed with artistes like Weird Mc, Asa, Cobhams, Yinka Davies, Sunny Nneji, Djinee, Tosin martins, and Blaise
An avid traveller, Ego! Has toured many countries. She likes cooking, dancing, swimming and generally hanging out with her husband and friends, but most importantly, she loves God with a passion.

It’s going to be live yo! Can’t wait!

See you on Tuesday

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