‘I stay younger by dating younger’ – Gabrielle Union tells People mag.

Gabrielle Union,  40 year old actress  was featured in People Magazine 100 Most Women in the World issue and when asked how stays and looks young, she replied:


“I started drinking a gallon of water a day in my mid-thirties. It changed everything from weight maintenance, to hair, skin, nails and digestion. Plus, I stay younger by dating younger. Dip into the kiddie pool, ladies! It worked for me!

Gabrielle is dating NBA star, Dwayne Wade, who is 9 years her junior. Thanks Gabby for the advise, you try…but I like my men older…or at least my age mate..:-)

It’s not like I feel there’s anything wrong with dating younger men, it’s just a personal choice. For me, once I found out a guy is younger than I am, I find a way to make him lose my number. lol. No way! That’s how I feel now sha…at 32…who knows how I will feel when I’m 40?

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