Men love spontaneity.


It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it ensures there’s never a dull moment when you’re together.


If you’re aim is to make his eyes pop out of his head, we know a few tricks to try. Turn the heat up at home with one of these eight sexy ideas.


Spend the Entire Day In Bed

Turn off your cell phone and unplug the clock, it’s time to hunker down with your dream guy. Skip your to-do list for the day and make a new one where everything on it can be done in bed. It’s fun, it’s free and sure beats working all day, doesn’t it? Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Play hooky already!

Assign Him Love Homework

Ready to instantly spice things up? Call or text him and give him a little “love homework” to bring home. Ask him to make a list of the 10 places on your body he’d like to kiss you, or his five favorite spots to have sex. The anticipation will build as he completes his assignment and he will be eager to turn it in and practice what he’s learned



Put Your Pleasure In His Hands

These days there is no shortage of pleasure products on the shelves at your local drugstore. Although the selection can be vast, most of them look like more fun for you than him—until now.


Be His Secret Admirer

You can still remember the smell of those beautiful roses he sent you on your birthday, but when was the last time you showered him with public displays of affection? Surprise him for lunch looking unbelievably hot in that dress he loves, or have a note telling him to “Come home, now!” delivered to his office by a messenger


Serve Yourself For Dessert

After you’ve both enjoyed a delicious meal, it’s time for a one-of-a-kind dessert in bed. Hand him a jar of edible chocolate body paint and a brush, and light a candle—it’s on!



Go Skinny Dipping

As the weather continues to warm up, stay on the lookout for the perfect place to sneak off to for a naughty naked dip for two. He’ll love that you took the initiative to locate the perfect rendezvous point, and you’ll love the excitement in his eyes when he finds out you’re willing to go there.


Take a Bubble Bath Together

A little fizz, steam and a hot bath can go a long way for your sex drive. Skip the showers in favor of a romantic evening in the tub together for some sensual foreplay before bed.






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