He Has A Name: Martin Richard, 8 Year Old Boy Killed In The Boston Marathon Explosion


Martin Richard, 8 years old, was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon waiting for his father, Bill, to cross the finish line. 


He was there with his mother and his sister when two explosions rocked the city causing the death of three people and injuring over one hundred and forty others.


Sadly, Martin Richard, was one of those who was killed. revealed the identity of the youngest victim of this horrible tragedy and shed some light on his family and community,

The grief resonated sharply in Dorchester, where locals gathered Monday night at Tavolo Restaurant in memory of 8-year-old Martin Richard, who was killed in the attack, and his mother and sister, who suffered grievous injuries. Martin’s father, Bill, is a community leader in the Ashmont section of Dorchester. A third child was reportedly uninjured.

“They are beloved by this community. They contribute in many ways. That’s why you see this outpouring,” said City Councilor at Large Ayanna Pressley, who was among the mourners. “It’s surreal, it’s tragic, it’s incomprehensible. Everyone here tonight is trying to comfort one another and be prayerful.”

In another article in the Boston Globe, one writer described the circumstances of Martin’s death,

This is how bad this is. I went out Monday night and bumped into some firefighters I know. They said one of the dead was an 8-year-old boy from Dorchester who had gone out to hug his dad after he crossed the finish line. The dad walked on; the boy went back to the sidewalk to join his mom and his little sister. And then the bomb went off. The boy was killed. His sister’s leg was blown off. His mother was badly injured. That’s just one ­family, one story.

Our prayers are with his friends and family during this period…


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