Death Row Grandmother Lindsay Sandiford Ready To Face Firing Squad



A grandmother facing execution in Bali after being found carrying millions of pounds worth of drugs said she would prefer to face a firing squad than a life sentence.
Drugs mule Lindsay Sandiford was arrested last year after she was caught flying to Bali with a haul of cocaine, worth more than £1m. The 56-year-old is being held in prison in Bali and was sentenced to death in January.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday through intermediaries at the prison in Kerobokan, Sandiford said: “I would rather have the death sentence than a life sentence. I don’t want to get old and decrepit in here…at least a bullet is quick.”

After she was arrested in May last year Sandiford cooperated with police to help them capture the alleged ringleaders of the drugs operation, after being told if she did she would go into witness protection.

However her appeal against her sentence was rejected last week and the three Britons who were believed to have organised the operation – Julian Ponder, 43 and his partner Rachel Dougall, 38, and Paul Beale, 40 – were jailed for up to six years.
“Telling the truth doesn’t help here because you just get the death sentence,” added Sandiford, of Redcar in Teeside.

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