Nigerian Integrity Film Awards (HomeVida) is a film award platform driving creative messaging on integrity 
and value change through FILM to Nigerian, African and world audiences.
The platform provides incentives  for talented Nigerian filmmakers and scriptwriters to mainstream core national values in their work.  It is designed as a partnership between nonprofit, public and private organizations to promote core national 
and corporate values that are the foundation for nation building.
Every year, the HomeVida platform seeks endowment from public as well as private sector to promote any chosen value,
theme or brand. Together with the endowing agency, we draw up criteria and disseminate them using our wide range
of media networks to the public to send in short scripts that meets with the criteria. This category is targeted at
young people between the ages of 16 – 30 years. Short film script entries are received through our
website The Jury evaluates and selects winning scripts that meet preset criteria for each prize.
The platform provides financial support to turn the short scripts into short films, which are premiered, at the award event part of the celebration of world anti-corruption day 9th December each year.
Below is one of the short films produced by Homevida.

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