Fabulous News from Mide’s Mane!


As part of our “OMG! Moments” with Mide’s Mane, we are introducing a new texture to
our fabulous line, and there’ll be a special introductory price for the first two weeks!

We have chosen to call the new hair ‘RUONA’ but hey, you can call it ‘amazing’! RUONA is
curly and slightly coarse in texture, curls like a dream and can be easily managed. It works
well with heat as well as bendy rollers.

Here are uncut pictures of what the hair looks like. The lady in the picture is one of our
wonderful customers; we decided to give her a hair treat to sample what “RUONA” feels
like, and she came back with great reviews!!!

Hear what our diva customer, Augusta Muo, has to say about ‘RUONA’:

“I love it! It has this vintage look and a nice bounce to it. It literally gets everyone’s attention
and I receive compliments everywhere I go. Ruona is simply beautiful; another Mide’s Mane
winner. Kudos!”

* RUONA hair is available from 10-18” only and introductory prices will be posted on Friday*
Do call: 07044444630-2. Pin: 22F932C6; 25BC6946 for your own fabulous hair!

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