10 Minutes With Female Femcee Coco Ice


She is set to drop what is poised to be the biggest club banger anytime soon.



Edwin  spoke with Cocoice on the hot sit for 10 minutes as she talks about her kind of music, her management and the music industry.





Why did you choose to do rap?

I’v always loved music as a kid, but I started writing poems first and I discovered I could rap because back then I used to listen to p.diddy, Nas, B.I.G, heavy D, Missy Elliot. So I got inspired!

Your deal with Magikal Entertainment, shed more lights on it.

Magikal entertainment is the management company I”m  working  with right now till I get a good record deal>

Who exactly is Cocoice?

CocoIce is a versatile female emcee who is Hip, enterprising, talented and unique, Cocoice is a Brand!  And for my style of dressing, call that Edgy!

Being a femcee, what stands you out considering the  fact that we have couple of femcee that are also competing  for the  number one spot?

First, I will  say the fact that am indigenous, nobody does it like I do! But really My versatility stands me out completely.

Coco Ice




Why did you  adapt the name “COCOICE”?
That’s a question I always look forward to answering, Coco stands for coconut; rough on the outside and pure inside! Which stands for my experience so far in life and the fact that am able to deliver to my fans good music while the ice simply means breaking of the Ice.

So far, would you say the  industry has been fair to you?
Well, I would say only the determined can survive in this industry but with GOD, things are easy so and I thank GOD for how far HE has brought me but most importantly am been fair to the industry by delivering good music meaning that it will be fair eventually.

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