Photos From Clique Africa Event


Clique Africa brings together young people from diverse social backgrounds every last Sunday of the month on one platform to relax and have fun and at the same time networking and sharing ideas with like minded and success driven young people (Professionals).


Socially, the clique is an avenue for young people to have fun and relax in a conducive environment meeting new faces and sharing new social experiences such as taking tie out every month to celebrate the collective birthday of the month with our selected Personality of the month. however on the other hand, the Clique Africa would likewise be bringing entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, Great minds, Thinkers and Talents together on a single platform to share ideas, network, support each other and bring our members closer to opportunities.



Overall Clique Africa both socially and business wise is all about bringing as much young-people as possible into a single platform to share ideas, network, share experiences, create more opportunities, Expand Business and client base and likewise to help form lasting bonds and create support systems that they can carry with them through life.



Clique Africa hope to have her presence all over African Countries and by April Clique Africa would Start in Ghana, Botswana and hopefully Kenya.



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