Adewale Ayuba, Stella Monye and Mike Okri pair up with Safeeyat, Debbie Rise and Moses: Amazing performance on Nigerian Idol


In some of the most thrilling television this year, Nigeria’s top musicians of the 80s and 90s paired with the young bloods of

Nigerian Idol. Sunday night was a memorable evening for both the contestants and the superstars that graced the stage for the evening. With judges Femi Kuti, Yinka Davies and Jeffrey Daniel grooving to the enthusiastic performances, it was a fun night for the contestants, the judges, the guest singers and the audience.

Safeeyat has struggled with performance issues, but she looked set to put all that behind her as she performed her duet with Fuji legend Adewale Ayuba and Safeeyat ‘We are Happy People’. The collaboration had the judges dancing in their seats and the audience up on their feet, singing along.

Debbie Rise, performed like she was having the time of her life as she sang with the illustrious Stella Monye, reprising Stella’s monster hit ‘Oko Mi Ye’.
An awe-struck Debbie Rise was visibly flabbergasted after her performance, and the duet certainly created a party atmosphere in Dream Studio.

Guest judge Mike Okri paired with Moses for the classic hit, ‘Time na Money’. The stupendous performance had the audience chanting Moses’ name, and even had Jeffrey saying, “The most electrifying performance of the night!”

With just two more shows to go until a new winner is crowned, there seems to be no clear winner yet. Who will Nigeria choose?
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