‘I do’ meets R.I.P.: Couple Weds At A Philadelphia Funeral


Surprise weddings can really be a hoot, but how to make sure no one’s expecting the nuptials? Have your wedding at a funeral, of course.


When Gregory “Chops” Scott was shot to death last month, Reggie Wade, 39, and his bride, Monique McMillan-Wade, 29 saw their chance. Chops, the bride’s uncle, had promised to give her away, so the Philadelphia pair — who were engaged in a Wal-Mart parking lot schemed to honor his commitment.


Much to the shock of some 850 guests, who suddenly had to decide if they were mourning or celebrating. Or both. “People didn’t want to offend us, but they were like, ‘That was the best funeral ever!’,” said Scott’s daughter Sharletta Johnson (pictured above left, comforting her mother). “I got one call and they said ‘I heard your pop’s funeral was off the hook!'”

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