Nigerian Government Begins to Appreciate E-Commerce As CEO of Meets With President Goodluck Jonathan


Online retail is taking hold in Nigeria, with over 200% growth in online sales from 2007 till date.


This is a positive sign for the country, further encouraged by the fact that President Goodluck Jonathan invited top online entrepreneurs to a meeting at his residence last week.  In attendance were CEOs of various Nigerian industries including Banking, Telecoms, Broadband, Oil and Gas, and key ministers of several ministries.


The President’s stance has always been to encourage local entrepreneurs within the online sector, and this includes the likes of CEO Sim Shagaya, who was invited because of the exemplary work his team is performing in the online space.


Speaking on his invite to the President’s residence, the CEO “…are privileged to be invited to meet with President Goodluck Jonathan. It signifies a recognition of the work that is being done to develop a local internet ecosystem.” 


He further went on to add that as a business, “ is committed to providing the best possible customer experience through selection, price and delivery. Also, we are excited to be acknowledged as one of the promising businesses in the country. It is largely due to the support of our customers and the trust we have built with them.


The meeting was held at the State House in Abuja on Friday and President Goodluck, while addressing the attendees, stressed that as the country celebrates Nigeria’s centenary, there has never been a greater need for the private sector to work with government to build industries and companies, such as, who are laying the foundation for a future Nigeria. 


To round off, there was a state dinner with the President where plans for a new Centenary City in Abuja were unveiled. President Goodluck emphasised the importance of the Nigerian private sector, working with government, in driving the growth of the country. 

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