‘We Are Coming For You, If you like, Inform The Police or OPC” Robbers Write Ogun Residents


Daring Nigerian robbers have sent an audacious letter to Lambe residents in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, begging them for a warm welcome when they strike in their community in the coming days.
The robbers said in the letter, written in Yoruba language and pasted on many walls and streets, that they are coming ‘very soon’ and are not afraid of the police or other security agencies.


“If you like, inform the police or your security men or OPC, you will just lose your lives,” they warned.

Describing themselves as friends of the residents in Lambe community, the robbers called on them to get ready for their arrival and cooperate with them.
“You residents of this area be prepared to receive your friends very soon. If you like, inform the police or your security men or OPC, you will just lose your lives. What is important is to cooperate with us and to get ready to give us a warm welcome,” the robbers said in the short letter.

The letter written by robbers
The letter written by robbers in yoruba language

The letter ends with these words: “We your friends, robbers”.

The letter, written in Yoruba language, was pasted on many walls on Akin Akindele, Community Road and Jelili Popoola Streets.

Panic and confusion have enveloped the community with a resident describing Lambe as ‘the playground of armed robbers.’

“Lambe has become the play ground of armed robbers. Incessant robbery attacks have forced landlords to flee the area and are now tenants in other places,” he said, pleading that his name should not be mentioned.

Landlords and tenants in the area are so confused that they do not know what to do and are prepared for the worst.


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