See The $6.5M Apartment One Mom Bought For Her 2-year-old Daughter



Pre-paying tuition is the smart parent’s hedge against runaway educational inflation.


And now one well-off mom is taking a similar approach to protecting against dorm overcrowding in the year 2028. Kevin Brown of Sotheby’s International recently sold a $6.5 million apartment in New York’s swanky One57 tower (see an artist’s renderings above) to a woman from China who wants her daughter to live there when she goes to college.


The 90-story building won’t open until next year, but contractors can take their time on this unit. The girl in question is only 2 years old. Mom told Brown the girl will be going to Columbia or NYU “or maybe Harvard,” meaning there’s a two-out-of-three chance that this condo will be located in the right state. We can only imagine how the little darling’s SAT prep is going.

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