Man Hit By Lightning 4 Times Is Buried Alive, So He Should Be OK Soon


For many people, a lightning storm is an exhilarating thing to witness. Alexander Mandón is not one of those people.


And though Alexander does not like lightning, lightning likes him. So much so that the 20-year-old from the Colombian town of Cereté has been struck four times — within the past six months.


The high-voltage experience has left him visibly shaken, and he needs help simply walking these days. What to do? Local indigenous doctors decided to bury him alive so the earth could draw out the charge they believe is within Mandón’s body. So his family did that, but they buried him lying down, without his head sticking out.


Doctors clarified what they wanted, Mandón was reburied, and, so far, the cure has worked. Keep a watch on that weather forecast though

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