Exclusive: Blackmail Plots Against Daily Manna Publisher, Dr Chris Kwakpowe, Uncovered!


Our Daily Manna Publisher, Rev. Dr Chris Kwakpowe, who was recently presented in the media as
being involved in an illicit affair with a lady purported to be his secretary, has actually been lawfully
and happily wedded to the lady in question for 13 solid years. The union between the shepherd of The
Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry and Flora (Nee Igugu) was legalized on June 30, 2000, at the Ughelli
North Local Government Registry (Delta State), a few months after traditional engagement in 1999.



Information from reliable sources indicates that Dr Chris, a pharmacist with a degree from the University
of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, has been pinpointed for a highly orchestrated
blackmail. And in the last few years, those who have vowed to bring him down because of his rising
profile, especially due to the success that his quarterly publication, Our Daily Manna, have engaged in
high level plot aimed at tarnishing his hard earned reputation.



A very reliable source (a pastor) confirmed to us “Before Our Daily Manna started in 2001; no one
looked the way of Dr. Chris. He was neglected totally and abandoned by all. But because of the success
story of his publication and ministry, they are coming after him now.”


Before the publication began, Dr Chris was having it rough in all areas of his life. He was frustrated
financially, emotionally and in all ramifications. Between 1994 and 2001, he was abandoned by those he
loved and cared about. He was distraught and went into acute depression due to that.


That was why he bought a rope and attempted to kill himself (suicide)! “I heard that he bought a rope
and hung it around a ceiling fan to kill himself when he heard a voice that told him to stop. That he
would be successful in writing inspirational pieces for Christians. And that was the birth of Our Daily


The publication which started with his wife had 50 copies printed on the first edition. Half of that (25
copies) were complimentary copies, while the remaining 25 were given out on credit. Over the years,
the publication struggled; he was in debt, pain and penury till he broke through!


On Monday, March 4, 2013, between 8-9pm, his office in the church was broken into. And the church’s
data base was the target. The computers which contained the church’s database of partners and
members were stolen. And the case was promptly reported to the police.

Another reliable source confirmed that, “After the case was reported to the police and they visited the
church, we now realized that the intention of the perpetrators was to use our database to blackmail Dr
Chris and partners of the ministry. This could lead to Dr Chris being implicated as the brain behind the
phantom extortions. That was their plot.”


Earlier on, we learnt that Dr. Chris received a text message threatening that he would be blackmailed on
the internet if he fails to part with 250million Naira! He was also advised to get in touch and not inform
the police.


But the amiable and publicity-shy shepherd of The Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry is not a stranger
to blackmail. About a year ago, from the church, a young girl was abducted by a woman. But before
she could escape with the little girl, she was accosted. On interrogation, a knife and a big stone was
discovered in her bag. She was beaten mercilessly, and she confessed that her mission was to kill the
girl, dismember her and bury some of the parts in the church compound. Then they would eventually
inform the police about a missing child, and the dismembered parts would be discovered.


This would have labeled Dr Chris as a ritualist.

The lady was arrested and locked up at the police station, and while the abductor was there, she
removed all her clothes and everyone ran helter-skelter. She later pleaded to insanity and those who
came to bail her claimed she was unstable. The case never got to court.


Also about two years ago, another lady came up, accusing Dr Chris of being responsible for her inability
to get married, following an accident at his crusade at the stadium. She said she fell down in the crowd
and lost some of her teeth, that her fiancée abandoned her as a result of that. The lady sued for N200


Year after year, different shades of mischief makers have always cropped up, throwing different kinds of
accusations to paint Dr Chris black. “This recent onslaught is not new,” our insider told us. “They will still
come with more, and they will not succeed.”

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