Tinubu Supports Amnesty But with Conditions; “Bring to Justice all Boko Haram with blood in their hands…”


Former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, while on a condolence visit to the Emir of Kano, HRH Alhaji Dr. Ado Bayero and the Governor and People of Kano State over the bomb attacks that have rocked the ancient city of Kano, spoke to reporters at the Kano Airport.


During the interview with reporters from national newspapers and broadcast outfits, Asiwaju Tinubu responded to a question on
whether or not the government should grant amnesty to Boko Haram members, to which he responded thus: “I support the granting of
amnesty to the sect but with some conditions, which includes justice for those people with blood in their hands because it will go along way in discouraging such dastardly acts in future. If you called Boko Haram ghosts, what of their members that were arrested and are in various prisons? These people are human beings and through them, their colleagues can be known and talked to.”

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