Royalty and Leaders gathered for @Women4Africa’s “International Women’s Month Conference”


Tuesday the 19th of March 2013, the London borough of Lambeth played host to leading African
women in the boroughs Councillors Chambers.

The Host/Compere Sam Onigbanjo, welcomed a dynamic 6 women panel to the front to open and
lead discussions on the theme “Strengthening communities through strong Motherhood”

Councillor Lorna Campbell welcomed everyone to the borough and as resident host, made sure the
facility was fit for Kings!





The Panel literary transfixed the audience with the level of experience,i nsight and truthfulness that
spanned from examples all across Africa to every day challenges of dealing with young people in the

Gender Activist / CNN Hero Betty Makoni opened the floor with a profound and deep understanding
of the challenges faced by single parents and growing children, her insight and Intellect using her
traffic light Illustration.

HRH Queen Naa TsoTsoo I, in her beautiful Royal Regalia graced the occasion with her 2
immaculate children, she insightfully touched on the real challenges of parenting even from a Royal



Samara Hammond, CEO of AMREF UK, spoke of the challenges women in parts of rural Africa
still face during childbirth, she appealed for more support for the “Stand up for African mothers”

Songstress/Women4Africa Youth Ambassador Roucheon Iloyi spoke on the endless opportunities
available to young people through their natural gifting, sighting her children as an example with one
of them receiving International fame despite being only 2 years old.

Women4Africa founder/Author Tola Onigbanjo, spoke inspirationally about the vulnerabilities she
faced as a naive youngster growing up in London and her will and desire to change awareness for
girls and women growing up in today’s world.

Artist/Entrepreneur May7ven shed light on her entrepreneur side, her mother as the unique
individual who instilled in her the confidence that she now displays, work ethics and life, she shed a
lot of light on her multi tasking life style and strong desire to continue to impact not only young girls
but also boys too.

In attendance were also Princess ‘Deun Adedoyin-Solarin, Mr &Mrs Fikelephi Jackson, Councillor
Ade Aminu, Media guru Smooflow aka Femi Iloyi.

Cupcakes on the day were sponsored by Ms Kitti Cakes.

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