D’Tunes Affirms That There Is No issue with Iyanya and MMMG


Recently, the story has been making the rounds that popular music producer, D’Tunes (Adesanya Doyinsola) who is renowned for

producing Iyanya’s hits single, “Kukere”, and a number of other tracks on his sophomore album, is at loggerheads with the label.


But the stars have come out to set the records straight.


They say that D’Tunes was never signed onto Iyanya’s Made Men Music Group label so there’s no split or quarrel between either parties.


Ubi Franklin, Iyanya’s manager had this to say when asked about the situations: “The story is not true. D’Tunes was never signed to Triple M.G. Records.


“His parents are interested in his career.

“He even has his own label, “Difference Entertainment” and he is fully focused on promoting his artists. His is presently pushing out his first artist, Sean Tizzle, whose singles, “Sho Lee” &“Boogie Down” are currently on air.


“He was here two weeks ago and Iyanya gave him money to buy some equipment and he even produced “Sexy Mama” four days to Iyanya’s recently held album launch,” Ubi Said.


D’Tunes also affirmed that he had no issues with Iyanya or his label.


“The story is not true and I don’t know how someone could start up a story like that. I and Iyanya and his people are still very much friends,” he said.

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