Bisila Bokoko To Attend The Biggest International Trade Fair For Wine in Düsseldorf


On Sunday March 24th – 26th, 2013, founder and chairperson of The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP), and former Executive Director of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in New York Bisila Bokoko will be attending the largest International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits in the world ” ProWein 2013″ to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany. ProWein are undoubtedly the biggest wine trade fair in the world with well over more than 4,000 exhibitors from approximately 50 countries exhibiting an extensive range of wines and spirits every year to more than 40,000 trade visitors from around the world.


Bisila Wines unique taste and flavour, and experience as one of Europe’s top wine brands will be key to it making a big impact at this year’s show. “We all at Bisila Wines are honoured and blessed to be a part of ProWein 2013 to showcase the brilliance and sensual flavours in our wine and to reach out to other wine connoisseurs across the globe,” said the Spanish and American based brand.


Since 1948, ProWein has been a leader in Wine and Spirits trade fair and this year’s event will be an event to remember.


The atmosphere will be filled with some of the world’s top wine tasters from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and the Middle East and we are happy to share with them the flavours from our Vineyard. Our wines give you that complete feel and taste “from the swirling and sniffing, to the colour, the initial flavours when the wine is in your mouth sloshing around, to some giving you 2 unique flavours to that final linger on your tongue”; Bisila Wines is the complete brand.

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