Join 1Music Networks this week on #tweetfriday (Producers’ edition), as we bring you one of Nigeria’s finest producers. This multiple award winner has worked with several big names in the entertainment industry and for years, has remained a force to reckon with; inspiring youths across Africa as he fans the flames of success. He is none other than the ‘Noni’ king, SAMKLEF.


Fans have already started sending in questions and very interesting ones at that so join in!

‘Tweet Friday’ is a show exclusive to the 1Music Networks. It is the only show that allows you ask your favorite celebrities questions and get something remarkable in return. All you need to participate is a Twitter/ Facebook account or an email address.

Here is how it works: Each Friday, we pick a celebrity who participants get to throw random, creative yet funny questions at. They could also be questions you’ve always wanted to ask them but creative ones; not just the regular questions asked during interviews. The participant with the most creative question(s) gets answers from the celebrity, an immediate ‘follow back’ on twitter and lots more.


How To Post Questions: Tweet questions at our handle [@1musicnetworks] or like our ‘Facebook fan page’ – http://www.facebook.com/1musicnetworks and send us your questions as messages or send them (with your name, location and twitter handle) toinfo@1musicnetworks.com. It’s just that simple!


Winners will be announced on Friday each week while we also pick a new celebrity so the cycle continues.


It’s ‘game on’ people! Send in exciting and creative questions about Samklef  and win this week’s ‘Ultimate Fan Experience’.

It’s all about the questions on Tweet Friday.

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