Nigerian Idol top 6: Girls vs. Boys round II

Now that Danny Angus, aka “The Accountant”, failed to calculate the odds and was sent home, along with fellow contestant Kome, Nigerian Idol is down to six contestants vying for that number one spot: Safeeyat, JayFeel, Abasiakan, Efezino, Debie Rise and Moses.
On Sunday night, the contestants leaped into the future after last weeks’ blasts from the past, trying some of the biggest Nigerian hit songs on for size. Who hit the spectacular notes and who was a spectacular failure?


Well, starting with the girls, Efezino performed ‘Loving Your Way’ by Seyi Shay—while not a technically difficult or moving song (which hit song is in Nigeria these days), she did a solid job of hitting her notes. She has to be careful though, her voice tends to be a little bit sharp, especially when she goes into that “babydoll” tone of hers.

Debbie Rise hit a high when she sang Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ a few weeks ago, and it seems like she has been struggling to reach that high ever since. This time she sang Chuddy K’s ‘Gaga’. It was not her greatest performance. Her notes tended to be all over the place, and her lower voice register was not particularly strong, still the judges gave her a pass for the entertainment value.

Safeeyat made probably the second-smartest song choice of the night, belting out ‘If you Ask Me’ by Omawumi. The song suited her voice to a T. While she had a couple of rough patches here and there, she did a smart job with the song, and carried the judges.


Smartest song of the night? Definitely went to Moses and by a long mile. He chose something that seemed so far out of left field, it would not, should not have worked, but it did. He took Oliver Twist gave it a few twists (sorry, could not resist the pun) like changing the key of the chorus, giving an almost rock music-like feel, and danced his teddy bear heart out. It was awesome. At this point, he’s head and shoulders above the rest.


JayFeel. Where do I start? He could not sing the low notes, his mid tone was badly off key, and it took ages for me to recognise that it was Wizkid’s ‘Azonto (Freestyle)’. It was that bad. Yet again, however, he flailed about on stage enough to dazzle the judges and was given another pass mark. Again.


Abasiakan’s version of ‘Raindrops’ by Tuface was an interesting performance. He added tiny little vocal runs that added character and depth to what is already a pretty good song. However there were issues with his key and his flow, and I think guest judge Femi Sowoolu said it best when he told Abasiakan that he had raw talent.


I’m going to have to call Sunday night a tie for the guys vs. gals debate. What is your opinion? Share with others here and visit www.nigerianidol.comfor videos, intel and info.
Then, watch who makes it to the next stage on Saturday on NTA at 3:00pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 7:30pm, Superscreen at 6:30pm, TVC at 9:30pm and Real Star TV on Startimes  at 9pm, to watch the results show. Don’t forget to catch all-new performances on Sunday on NTA at 3:30pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 8:00 pm, TVC at 8:30 pm, Superscreen at 9:30pm and Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm.


The top prize for this season is worth a superb $100,000, in which the lucky winner will get: 7.5 million naira in cash, a recording contract also worth 7.5 million naira, and a brand new SUV. Runner-ups will not be left out as they will be given prizes to the tune of 10 million naira.


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