Daily Archives: March 9, 2013


Funeral For Mido Macia in Mozambique For Taxi Driver

  A taxi driver who was found dead after he was dragged behind a police van in South ...

Is This Gonna Work? Texas Preacher Wants Congregation To Tweet ...

  The heavenly connected Jim Liberatore, rector at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Houston, shares what he thinks, ...

Jay-Z’s Atlantic City 40/40 Club Closed

  The $4 million dollar Atlantic City branch of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club is closed.

Woman Estranges Family Because of Love of Rats

  A woman has told how she loves rats more than people, including her estranged husband.

Big Brother Africa Season 8 Auditions Start on March 11

  Organizers of the annual Big Brother Africa reality show, Africa Magic and Endemol have announced that auditions ...