Good or Bad: Robert Pattinson Reportedly Stops Kristen Stewart From Visiting

In fact the 26-year-old actor is said to have banned the actress from visiting him while he’s working on his latest project in Austrlia, which will keep them apart for seven weeks.
‘Rob doesn’t want her to visit,’ a friend of the couple told In Touch, adding, ‘He felt like they needed space. He wants a break.’
And far from pining, the Twilight hunk is ‘really enjoying himself,’ throwing himself into work as the role of a common criminal with rotting teeth.
KStew on the other hand, isn’t taking the change lightly, as the British actor’s friend claimed.
‘She was calling and texting him constantly – if he didn’t respond she would go off the handle. So he just stopped responding.’
The 22-year-old actress has been anxious about the state of their relationship, so to make the time go by faster Kristen Stewart has been hanging out with Rob’s onscreen enemy Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black in the Twilight saga.
Opting to be Team Jacob for the night, Kristen headed out in Hollywood with the hunky star, wearing matching backwards caps, on Tuesday to enjoy an evening at legendary club Troubadour.
The separation comes after Robert and Kristen failed to get back on track following revelations of Kristen’s affair with director Rupert Sanders last year.

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