Are The Ladies in Trouble on Nigerian Idol?


Sunday night was definitely not a hot night for the ladies of Nigerian Idol.


More and more, it looks like the men might be stealing the spotlight, and a guy just might take away the big money offered at the end of the show. From the judges’ remarks, none of the women performing got all full marks when it came to their performances, and it seems that they just could not get it right. The theme for the night was ‘Songs from the Greatest Groups of All Time’, but it seems that Kome, Sefeeyat, and Efezino could not quite get it right, with only Debbie Rise earning full marks from the judges last night.



Kome chose to a song from the nineties, ‘All My Life’ by KC & Jojo. She did not fare so well, and Sasha tried to bolster her spirits by telling her, “I could see that you were nervous, that is an amazing song.” Jeffrey told her that while it was her most solid performance yet, there was still a lot of work to be done.

Sefeeyat chose the poignant ballad by N’Sync, titled ‘This I Promise You’. Jeffrey told her, “I’m not familiar with this song but you made me like it. You keep getting better.” However there was some dissent from Femi Kuti on the panel as he tried to get a sense of why she missed some critical notes. “You need to focus on your confidence,” he advised. “I sense a lot of hesitance.”

Debbie Rise chose the British group Westlife, and sang their smash hit ‘Soledad’. She got high praise from Sasha P who told her, “I loved your performance and felt the emotion. But you need to take extra care of your voice.” Jeffrey was also full of praise as well, saying, “We’re watching you grow, you are a work in progress and the work is taking shape.”

Efezino was the last singer of the night, taking on the most recent song with the Pussycat Dolls’, ‘I Hate This Part Right Here’. It was another mixed reaction from the judges as Femi told her that she had a better choice of song than the last time but her voice was still “young”. On the other hand Jeffrey said to her, “You made a profound statement…tonight’s performance just upped your game.” And finally Sasha P told her, “You could do with more control. I see you doing more with alternative music.”

Two guys, Moses and Abasiakan got full marks from the judges, however. Does it look like the men might actually win it all this year? Check out their performances on www.youtube.com/NigerianIdol.

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