Channel O VJ Denrele Edun and Family Robbed At Gun Point in Their Yaba Home


It’s  been a difficult time after Denrele Edun lost his bestie Goldie three weeks ago.

According to his tweets posted on his Twitter page, Channel O VJ Denrele Edun and his family (His grandmum, Dad, His sister and three cousins)  were robbed by armed robbers in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to his tweets, he said he came to the house to assure his family he is okay ”Im stil grieving over my late Goldie 24K,jst did her candlelight,came to our family house to assure my peeps I was ok and now this?#It isWel

In his tweets, he said one of the robbers almost shot him but his grandmother begged the armed robbers. He also said one of the armed robbers almost strangled his grandmother.


His family are still in shock over the incident.


See his tweets below;














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