28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 28 – 40 Things To Never Apologize For!


Finally, 28 Days of Blissful Beauty has come to an end… thanks for staying tuned. After all is said and
done, never apologize for…

1) Never apologize for pursuing what makes you happy. Even if you need to quit your job, transfer
schools, or move across country, always do what you really want.

2) Never apologize for using proper English. Keeping it real doesn’t mean you have to speak Ebonics…

3) Never apologize for giving your best in a relationship that just didn’t work out.

4) Never apologize for crying. Wear waterproof mascara and express yourself.

5) Never apologize for being successful. Only haters want to keep you at their level.

6) Never apologize for ten pounds you need to lose. People who truly care about you will accept you as
you are.

7) Never apologize for wearing a weave or braids; it’s an accessory, you bought it so it’s yours.

8.) Never apologize for being frugal. Just because you save your money instead of blowing it on the
latest fashion emergency doesn’t mean you’re cheap.

9) Never apologize for treating yourself to something special. Sometimes you have to show you some

10) Never apologize for demanding respect. You are to always be treated as a Queen.

11) Never apologize for leaving an abusive relationship. Your safety should always be a priority.

12) Never apologize for making a decision from your heart, even if others don’t agree YOU have to live
with the consequences, not them.

13) Never apologize for setting high standards in a relationship. You know what you can tolerate and
what simply gets on your nerves.

14) Never apologize for dating outside your race. Just because you found Mr. Right across the color line
doesn’t mean you don’t love your Brothers.

15) Never apologize to your new friends about old friends. There’s a reason she’s been your girl from
day one.

16) Never apologize to your old friends about ‘new’ friends; God continues to bring His daughters

together to uplift each other.

17) Never apologize for being a single Mom. Babies are a blessing.

18) Never apologize for saying NO

19) Never apologize for looking beautiful. You are beautiful.

20) Never apologize for not knowing how to cook. Even if you can’t burn like Grandma you know how to
order good take out.

21) Never apologize for making more money than your man, you work hard and you deserve to get paid.
Just don’t throw it all up in his face.

22) Never apologize for changing your mind. It’s your prerogative.

23) Never apologize for someone else’s Bad Day: A friend snaps at you and you’re expected to say sorry?
Exactly where is the logic in that?

24) Never apologize for being honest. People often say, “The truth hurts,” or “you can’t handle the
truth,” or “you don’t really want to hear the truth.” The fact of the matter is everyone does WANT the

25) Never apologize for being alone. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, relish in the opportunity to
spoil and cherish yourself…to meet only your demands….to listen to only your requests….. And to tend
to only your needs.

26) Never apologize to anyone for being single! Always remember just like God is working on you; He is
also working on your mate and when the time is right you will meet!

27) Never apologize for being educated and behaving accordingly! Your mama didn’t raise a fool!

28) Never apologize for refusing to compromise your integrity. Always adhere to your moral and ethical

29) Never apologize for not tolerating bad behavior, at home, in public, in the workplace…

30) Never apologize for taking a break. It’s more healthy and beneficial to literally stop every once in a
while to breathe, to let your hair down, to relax, to rejuvenate. It’s necessary.

31) Never apologize for Investing in Your Looks. It’s all about feeling confident not about doing yourself

up to land a man. And it makes facials, manicures, pedicures and the sauna worth every cent.

32) Never apologize for hoping your children will be Cuter than your Friends. Honestly, your pals are
hoping the same thing.

33) Never apologize for being Inexperienced. That doesn’t mean you lack great ideas. So stop prefacing
sentences like “…but I did not, I am not, I haven’t…’’ stick to what you’re training for or have been
trained in and be proud!

34) Never apologize for having a Crazy Family: Give your guy & friends a heads up about them, but never
insinuate that their problems taint you.

35) Never apologize for helping others. Be free, do what you want to do, not others, help happily where
necessary, only mean people & haters will laugh at you and pull you back.

36) Never apologize for saying exactly how you feel, only if you have every reason and every right to feel
that way. Respect and courtesy must always be present though.

37) Never apologize for the books you like to read (that’s if you’re a reader). You’re allowed to choose
whatever kind of reading material you like. You’re an adult, and well aware of all the choices out there.
If romance works for you, read them proudly. People don’t apologize for liking romantic comedies at the
movies, or chick flicks. They like them. So what?

38) Never apologize for where you come from. There is a good reason as to why God meant for you to
be born there, it doesn’t matter whether you’re from Asia, Africa, America we are all humans at the end
of the day, no one was born in the moon anyway.

39) Never Apologize for Loving the Lord, for calling His Name, for Having Absolute Faith in Him, He’s
your father, He’ll Light Your Path.

40) Never apologize for being YOU!

Almost forgot actually – (#40 something).. ”Never Apologise for having Common sense…” tone down
those irrelevant sayings… please!

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