28 Days Of Blissful Beauty: Day 27 -14 Ways To Say ‘I LOVE YOU’



So, valentine has come and gone and the whole fuss is finally dying down… but then, love is not something you should celebrate on just a certain day. Let everyday be a day to celebrate love in any way that you can.

Say “I love you” in 14 ways:

1- Don’t compare them to anyone. (Guys, not even your mom and ladies, not your dad).

2- Be courteous at all times.

3- Embrace the present moments without fear or guilt.

4- Live by the Golden Rule (Do unto others…).

5- Become their biggest fan and cheerleader.

6- Give them your full attention when talking.

7- Tell them how they bring love to your life.

8- Act silly together.

9- Trust your partner enough to cry together.

10- Be the first to say sorry.

11- Allow your partner the space to be themselves.. Respect their privacy.

12- Ask questions about opinions feelings and thoughts.

13- Compliment them in front of others.

14- To say ‘I love you’, forget about labels.

Saying ‘I love you’ and having good relationships does take work. Hard work. It takes time, energy and
commitment to stay connected through all the problems that life and people bring.. It can be painful,
aggravating and scary to stick it out through all the ups and downs… But HIS grace is sufficient!

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