28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 26 – Beauty Beyond Skin-Deep

Being beautiful is not just about having a sexy figure or flawless skin. Sure, people may be impressed by one’s good physical features but maintaining that impression is another challenge.

Your manners are also used by people to assess your overall beauty. Having good manners and
proper conduct are lessons which are taught in the earlier stages of life. They are instilled throughout kindergarten, primary school and so on. But then, people grow up and forget these lessons thinking that they are only applicable for kids.

Proper manners help to enhance your inherent beauty and they include (but not limited to):

* Be polite
Regardless of place, stature and status, one should always keep in mind that being polite gives a certain
feeling of comfort to the people you are talking to. Being polite is indicative of one’s respect toward
others. Respect, in the deepest sense, is more important than being physically attractive.

* Be on time
whether it’s a business meeting, church service or casual date, being on time is very important. It
reflects how one sees the importance of time and how he respects the purpose of the event.



* Stand straight
your stance is reflective of your self confidence. There are people, however beautiful they may be on the outside, are crumpled by their poor stance. Standing straight with confidence makes one glow and stand out above the rest.

* Walking
this is another important aspect which could potentially enhance your appearance. People take walking
for granted because it is never deemed as an important act, but a recent survey showed that people
who walk fast with the proper body form are seen as important and busy people… Unlike those who
walk sluggishly and drag their feet. It’s all about building an image.

* Language
Manners don’t only cover physical actions; they cover your language as well. People are most likely to assess you by the words that come out of your mouth. Observing the proper language will give a person a respectful image.

When it comes to building an overall image, having good manners is as important as keeping your
physique at its best. On a second thought, I think having the proper manners is more important because it is directly reflective of your attitude. The inner beauty of a person is transcended into the physical world through her manners and actions.

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