28 days of Blissful Beauty: Day 23 – 10 Things Guys Should Know About Ladies, Love and Making Relationship Work


So, I’m the unrepentant romantic. I love love. Just thought to share a few things most ladies want guys

to know about love and relationships.

1. Number one thing guys should know is that we love to be loved. Love is the foundation, it is the most
important component of a relationship to ladies. Love is what breathes life into our spirits.

2. We look at how you treat your mother, how you treat your “inferiors”, and how you act around
children when evaluating you as a potential life-mate.

3. We want to be the most important person in your life. Or at least, one of the most important. We
want you to include us in your plans, talk to us about your goals and visions; we want to share your joys
and pains.

4. Playfulness turns us on. Ladies (well, maybe not all) like to tease and be teased. We like when we can
just be silly and free with you and we love frequent show of affection.

5. Most of us can take care of ourselves, but it’s cute when you’re a LITTLE protective of us. Small things
like calling to make sure we made it home safely or if we’ve had lunch go a long way.

6. We like it when you admit you’re wrong and say you’re sorry. That alone melts our hearts. It shows
you gotten over your ego.

7. We love it when you get along with our friends. It’s the effort that really counts.

8. Ladies love attention and we love it when you give a true compliment. We melt when you look into
our eyes and say stuff like “you’re beautiful”

9. Ladies want to feel that they are safe and secure. We want to know that we can trust you, that you
are a person of integrity and trustworthy. You don’t have to be perfect, just honest and full of good will
towards us.

10. We love it when you take care of your appearance. Clean shave, neat and clean clothes. Polished
shoes. Nice cologne.

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