28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 20 – Of Pearls and Class


The pearl is an elegant, timeless piece of jewelry. It was a symbol of royalty in the earlier years which
only rich women wore to showcase a regal and lavish lifestyle. Thanks to modern techniques, more and
more ladies can afford to include a piece of cultured pearl in their outfit.

Knowing how to wear pearls is as important as owning them. The main principle is “keep the look

For formal occasions: When attending a formal occasion say a dinner party, don’t overdress yourself in
other jewelry, just wearing a nice pearl string with your little black dress, is a classy elegant look. A great
paring with formal wear always include a pearl necklace, simple pearl earring and a pearl ring.

For casual: pearls are also perfect for jeans, casual blouse or even simple T-shirts. Select a long pearl
necklace and layering up your neck to create fashionable look, or just mix the beaded necklace with
other chain necklace in different lengths and styles for an ultra chic look.

There is a simple test to determine whether a pearl is real or fake. All you have to do is to rub it against
one of your teeth. If it feels slightly rough, it is a real. If it’s smooth, it’s fake.

Also check all the gems on the strand. If they are uniform in size, shape and color, you are most likely
dealing with fake pearls. Real gems have minor differences in shape, color and size.

Pearls add a sense of class and elegance to any outfit when worn properly.

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