Review: Darey’s “Love Like A Movie” Concert — Bernard Ogedengbe


Anyone, whether clever or not, would simply think of the clause “Love Like A Movie” to be self-explanatory; a sequence of visuals representing the desired concept. But those who attended the Darey Valentine-spawned concert yesterday — 17th February, 2013, at the prestigous Eko Hotel and Suites — have already began to see themselves as  fortunate species, illuminated by a cutting edge experience.

Love Like A Movie, which started fairly late, was introduced by the much anticipated, soft-spoken, American reality TV star and co-host: Kim Kardashian. Although her presentation on stage was cheery and sweet, it was short-lived, as though she had to get to another engagement. Then, quite suddenly, Darey ushered himself with the superlative but lavish use of flashy graphics and sounds, transforming the entire hall into some intergalactical chamber —  mercilessly punishing those with photo epilepsy — and inducing the feeling of space travel. One thing he should have remembered to include on the tickets though was a warning, telling people to come to the venue with their 3D glasses.

Another flattering thing of the evening was the wall of the stage, which was brimming with life, segmented into upright rectangular shapes where a few featured artistes had their performances. Dancers and acrobatic gymnasts helped highlight the theme; some impressively hanging from the ceiling with the aid of long straps, their bodies oozing flexibility, while others remained on the stage.

Darey truly showed that he is a master of the R n B genre, performing a medley of his songs from “Sisi Eko” to “Sunshine” with an emotional authenticity that struck a chord in the audience. More lovely was the caucasian female artist who sat cross-legged on the stage floor, drawing up illustrations with her fingers that was easily seen on the backdrop as he sang in harmony.

Darey also brought back good classics, superbly performing Chris de Burgh’s “Lady in Red”, Peabo Bryson’s “A Whole New World”— which he did along with female R n B singer, Waje — Boiz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You”, Tracy Chapman’s ”Baby Can I Hold You” and a
couple of others. The performances were seamless and unending, each telling a story to form a coherent whole. To the disappointment of many, Kim didn’t return to the stage for a final appearance.
The concert ended quite early, unlike most concerts that annoyingly spill into midnight. Love like A Movie might be over but the memories would be cherished, resonating in our minds for years to come.

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