28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 16 – Makeup Trends Guys Love



Even though we (ladies) like to claim we just simply love to look good, deep down we know that the reason we want to look good most of the time is for the guys. *winks

So, what exactly do the guys love?

1. Long eyelashes

Whether they admit it or not, guys are mesmerized by long lashes. If you don’t like to fix in
the artificial lashes, be sure to get good mascara that straightens out your lashes and makes
them seem longer.

2. Nude lips

Yes red lipsticks are ever trendy and make you look super hot, trust me, guys love this only
on the canvas. He most likely doesn’t want to kiss you and have his lips stained with red.
LOL! Nude lips are perfect for every occasion. Beige or colourless lip glosses would do just

3. Rosy cheeks

Hmmn… I’m yet to find a guy who doesn’t fall head over heels with my ever-rosy cheeks; all
blushed up. A good blush and blush brush would do the trick. Just be sure you don’t over
use the blush and if you do, tone it down with your powder.

Check for quality, colour and texture when buying makeup products; and because a product
is expensive doesn’t mean it’s of great quality.

After all said and done guys love ladies who appear more natural and are pretty, neat and

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