Remembering Whitney Houston One Year After


Whitney Houston Life will be remembered at the Clive Davis Grammy Party and “unforgettable” says Miguel who performed at The 2013 Grammys awards.

Exactly one year ago today, Whitney Houston’s life was tragically cut short by an accidental drowning caused by drug complications at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Even though Whitney’s battles with drugs and various other demons were well documented, no one expected her life to end in such a sudden and tragic way.

Her death was especially painful because it happened the night before The Grammys, which was subsequently turned into an unofficial memorial ceremony for the late great singer.


During her lifetime, Whitney Houston sold over 200 million records and had been hailed as perhaps the greatest female vocalist of all time. She won more awards than any other female musician in history and was the 12th best selling musician of all time, behind artists like Madonna, The Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, massive record sales was not the only way in which Whitney was similar to Michael Jackson.

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