28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 11 – Overdressing vs. Under-dressing


Wearing jeans and a tee-shirt to an exclusive restaurant for a dinner is a no-no. You think you’re wearing what you feel most comfortable in, but you won’t feel comfortable when you stand out like a sore thumb at the restaurant.

On the other hand, wearing an evening dress with stilettos or a formal trouser suit to a barbeque is also inappropriate.

So which is worse – overdressing or under- dressing?

Well, for two reasons, I think under-dressing is worse.

First, it’s easier to make a dressy outfit more casual than a casual outfit dressier.

For example, if you find yourself overdressed in a trouser suit, you can take your jacket off for a much more casual look.

Secondly, being overdressed for an occasion may make you feel slightly uncomfortable but you will still look great; on the other hand, being underdressed will not only make you feel embarrassed and self conscious but you’ll probably look pretty bad too.


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